Trade Secrets

Trade Secrets

A "Trade Secret" is a type of intellectual property that consist of confidential and valuable business information, formulas, processes, methods, or know-how that provide a competitive advantage to a business, company or even joint ventures/partnerships. Trade secrets are not publicly known or easily accessible, making them a powerful and valuable asset for businesses. Whether you know it or not, just about EVERY type of business (large or small) possess protectible Trade Secrets. 

Trade secrets are a valuable tool for businesses looking to protect their confidential and proprietary information, maintain a competitive edge, and achieve long-term success in the marketplace. Accordingly, Trade Secrets are often considered one of the most powerful forms of intellectual property a business can own! Here are several reasons why:

1. Confidentiality: Trade secrets are kept confidential within the organization, providing a level of protection that other forms of intellectual property, such as patents or trademarks, may not offer. As long as the information remains a secret, there is no expiration date on trade secret protection.

2. Competitive Advantage: By keeping valuable information secret, companies gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. It allows them to offer unique products, services, or processes that cannot be easily replicated by others.

3. Cost-Effective: Obtaining and maintaining trade secret protection is generally more cost-effective than other forms of intellectual property protection, such as patents. There are no registration or filing fees involved, making it an attractive option for businesses with limited resources.

4. Longevity: Unlike patents, which have a limited duration, trade secrets can potentially last indefinitely as long as they remain undisclosed and continue to provide a competitive advantage.

5. No Public Disclosure: Unlike patents and trademarks, trade secrets do not require public disclosure. This means that businesses can protect valuable information without having to reveal it to the public or their competitors.

6. Broad Applicability: Trade secrets can apply to various types of information, including formulas, manufacturing processes, customer lists, marketing strategies, software code, and more. This broad applicability makes trade secrets a versatile form of intellectual property protection.

7. No Expiration: As long as the information remains a secret, trade secrets do not expire. This is in contrast to patents, which have a limited duration, after which the information becomes publicly available.

How to Unlock the Value of Trade Secrets: Protecting Your Business and Ideas

Again,Trade secrets are valuable intellectual property assets that set your business apart from competitors, but their real VALUE lies in their confidentiality! At Laborde Legal Group, our team of skilled Business, Corporate, Intellectual Property, and Trade Secret attorneys understand the importance of safeguarding your trade secrets and maximizing their potential for growth and success.

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Going Deeper.....

(I) Understanding Trade Secrets & How They are Created:

Most people are surprised to learn that "Trade Secrets" encompass a WIDE range of a business's confidential ideas/information and are the very things that give your business its competitive edge in its industry or market segment. To be deemed a protectable "trade secret", the information must not be common knowledge and must hold economic value in its secrecy!

Without a doubt, your business probably already has tremendous value (worthy of protection) in several categories of Trade Secrets:

  • Customer and supplier lists
  • Internal marketing and business development strategies
  • Methods of calculating costs, pricing, margins, ROI, compensation, etc.
  • Business plans, financial data and (even) Annual Budgets
  • Proprietary Methods, Formulas, Processes, and knowledge
  • Means collecting and analyzing company data
  • Computer applications, (e.g., source code) and secret customizations
  • Pending or unpublished patent applications
  • Engineering information
  • Products or services still in research and development
(II) Popular Examples:

Some well-known examples of trade secrets include the closely guarded recipes of:

  • Coca-Cola's recipe
  • KFC's Eleven herbs and spices used in their fried chicken. 
  • Google's search algorithms
  • Criteria used for New York Times's Best Seller List
  • Even unpublished patent applications can contain valuable trade secrets.
(III) Why Protecting Trade Secrets is Crucial:

Preserving the confidentiality of your trade secrets is vital for sustaining your business's competitive advantage. At Laborde Legal Group, we recognize that effective trade secret protection strategies can safeguard your innovations, creativity, and hard work, ensuring you reap the rewards of your intellectual property.

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Our experienced Business, Corporate and Intellectual Property Attorneys are dedicated to assisting you in formulating, implementing, and maintaining robust protection strategies for your trade secrets. We offer personalized legal counsel tailored to your specific business needs, ensuring comprehensive safeguarding of your valuable assets, competitive position and boundless growth potential!

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