Business Entity Types

Business Formation

    • Overview of business formation                                                          
    • Business entity types
    • Factors that influence business formation
    • How a business lawyer will help

Business Startups

    • Startups and business structure
    • Legal services for startups
    • Factor to consider before starting a business
    • Common legal mistakes to avoid

C Corporations

    • Overview of C corps
    • Pros and cons of C corps
    • Factors to consider
    • Importance of a business lawyer


    • Overview of corporations
    • Pros and cons of incorporation
    • Types of corporations
    • Considerations prior to incorporation


    • Overview of franchises
    • Selling, transferring, assigning
    • Elements of a franchise
    • Benefits of a business lawyer

General Partnerships

    • Overview of General Partnership
    • General partnership formation
    • Pros and cons of general partnerships
    • Benefits of a business lawyer

Limited Liability Companies

    • Overview of LLCs
    • Differences between LLCs and corporations
    • Pros and cons of LLCs
    • Importance of a business lawyer

Limited Liability Partnerships

    • Overview of LLPs
    • Pros and cons of LLPs
    • Examples of businesses
    • Importance of a business lawyer

Limited Partnerships

    • Overview of LPs
    • Pros and cons of LPs
    • LP and LLP comparison
    • Importance of a business lawyer

Mergers and Acquisitions

    • Overview of mergers and acquisitions
    • Reasons to enter into an M&A
    • Factors to consider
    • Benefits of an M&A lawyer

S Corporations

    • Overview of S corps
    • Qualifications of an S Corp
    • Pros and cons of S corps
    • Importance of a business lawyer

Sole Proprietorships

    • Overview of sole proprietorships
    • Pros and cons of sole proprietorships
    • Factors to consider incorporating or forming an LLC
    • Importance of a business lawyer
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